3 September 2020

To Angola?!

YES, Finally the time has come, the site is online! Unfortunately, the page SOLE is not filled yet. SOLE is the organization for organizing ophthalmic care in Angola. What’s the situation now?! That is why I am now learning Portuguese (the language in Angola) and I am still waiting for a response from the SOLE foundation, to continue the preparations such as applying for a visa, arranging insurance etc. etc… […]
1 January 2021

Transport of ophthalmic equipment

Dear friends, 2020 is over and 2021 has begun. Would it be possible to go to Angola for a longer period of time this year? I hope so, but I know that everything is in God’s hands. In the meantime, a few months have passed and preparations for departure to Angola are continuing. I am learning Portuguese and I have even found an Angolan woman to practice speaking Portuguese with. […]